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Wrong Words When Loving Children

Young people who grow in an environment that presents aesthetic values ​​as the most important, superior and priority value in the hierarchy of valence are often caught with mannequin disease when they enter puberty.
We are an aesthetic surgeon who gives an interview to a newspaper; Here, our child, "My handsome, beautiful child," he suggested not to love. He predicted that the child would feel the beauty and good looks with his heart.
Here is the real danger.
In recent years, brain research has shown that childhood teachings can strengthen our brain, such as muscle development in the human brain.
These studies showed that parents' suggestions create a “network yapı structure, and neuroplasticity and zih importance and priority ways zih of the mind map.
Science is desperate for adolescents with heavy make-up, brand enthusiasts, bold cleavage, high heels, eyebrow lifting, fat-free, zero-body, 500 calories per day, or male adolescents who consider brand dressing as the primary valuation measure of luxury. . Because there are so many young people who get their pocket money and have plastic surgery…

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