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The games that the mothers will play with the baby should both open up the baby's horizon and enjoy it. Babies usually enjoy noisy games. Therefore, the mother can make the baby make sound by giving utensils such as pots and spoons. In addition, a jar can be put into the objects to make a sound after the mouth is tightly closed and the baby can make a sound shaking. These sounds will sound like music to her and you will like it very much. However, if the mother has given glass items such as jars to the baby's hand, she should keep her baby under surveillance at all times due to the possibility of the jar breaking. If you want to get ready to hand-made baby toys in this way, you should also pay attention to the substance it is made because the first thing babies do to recognize the objects is to stick them in the mouth. If you say how our toy should be, you can review our article.

The mother should move her baby with toys such as rattle to ensure the harmony of hands and eyes. The mother should allow her baby to play with a soft ball after four months. This not only consoles the baby, but also improves the vision and hand-fit. In addition, if the mother allows her baby to play with fabric books to improve her ability to touch after the fourth month, the baby will have two birds with one stone, creating love for the book.
Every mother naturally wants her child to make progress. For this, games and toys are blessings.

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