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You want to send your child to kindergarten, but it's so hard to decide. All this time, your puppies growing under your control in your sheltered environment will now open up to the outside, will be in contact with others, meet your child's needs. For this reason, choosing a good kindergarten, trusting the school makes it easier for you to deliver your child to the institution and adapt your child to school.

So, how do we know if a kindergarten is good?

• Teachers' level of education: It is useful to inquire from which school the teachers are trained and how much experience they have gained in the profession. But I think more importantly, how many years the teacher or the teaching staff in general has worked in that institution, whether the institution is an institution that frequently changes hands or teachers. If there is a strong team of educators, they are expected to work together for many years and it can be said that there is a common corporate culture in this type of organization and that organizational decisions are applied, not individual decisions.
Training program implemented: There are institutions that claim to implement many programs imported from abroad such as High Scope, Reggio Emila and PYP, especially Montessori. My suggestion is that after you find out which program is implemented in your pre-interview on the phone, you should do a little research and ask detailed questions about the program. So you understand whether it is actually applied or an element that adorns the showcase.
In general, I would say that the kindergarten program of the Ministry of National Education, which supports the six developmental areas of children, is quite sufficient, if implemented properly. These areas of development are: mental development, language development, fine motor development, gross motor development, social emotional development and self-care development. In order to understand this, you can ask the authorized person to give an example of each field of activity.
Psychologist Support: Since the kindergarten is the first environment in which the child is opened to the outside, it will be the first time that your child is evaluated by neutral persons out of your eyes. At this point, the institution's regular work as a psychologist / pedagogue, your child's developmental level, relationships with friends and adults, self-expression and learning skills will give many ideas.
This will allow you to recognize and respond to your child's early challenges at a time when development is at its fastest pace, or to explore special interests.
• Class size: Ask how many people your child will be attending, suitability for age group or development level, and how many teachers are in the class. It is appropriate for children to spend time with children younger or older than 6 months in kindergarten. Therefore, if you are not enrolling in a Montessori class, make sure that your child is not far from the average age of the group. It is appropriate that the classroom quota is between 12 and 15 children on average, and that there are at least two teachers (or one teacher and one assistant teacher) in such a class.
Outdoor playground:
0-6 age is a process in which all development areas such as cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social emotional, and self-care are active. It is important that the school you choose offers a suitable environment in the coarse motor area (outdoor activities) as well as cognitive development (indoor, desk activities). That's why I'd say it's important to have an outdoor garden. In fact, more important is how often that garden is used. Question how often they take children to the garden and how they develop in winter.
Where thought is disabled; Our intuition: Although the above conditions are optimal, the psychological impression left by you in a kindergarten probably leaves them all in the decision-making process. After all, even if the introduction of the institution gives you an idea of ​​spending a few days in the institution, you will see exactly what place you have chosen after entering the school and registering. That's why I say don't underestimate your intuition. The impression that the owners and teachers have left you, even observing the profile and attitude of the children entering and leaving the school, will allow you to get important ideas.

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