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Especially the bath of newborn babies is very important. Excessive water swallowing may cause distress. It is in your hands not to cause such situations. Many innovations have been introduced thanks to the maternal and infant goods developed in recent years.
For example, when holding water to your baby, you can obtain a water-blocking device similar to the hat you will wear.
Thanks to the bathtubs and nets that are specially designed for babies, the baby can be bathed without falling into the water and being exposed to dirty water.
You should wash your baby with shampoos that are specially made for babies. Otherwise, the baby will not be satisfied with the bath and will cry constantly.
You should pay attention to the temperature of the water. The water should not be too hot or too cold. You can test the temperature of the water by immersing it in your elbow or by pouring water on the upper inner part of your wrist.
You should hold your baby with one hand and do the washing and pouring water with the other hand. Particular attention should be paid not to leak water into the throat, especially in newborn babies.
You should take care that your baby doesn't get cold after taking a bath or he will immediately block his nose and invite you to sleepless nights.

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