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When mothers hold their babies on their first lap after birth, what they are hesitating about is how they will breastfeed? Although breastfeeding is a natural behavior for the mother, it is an issue that requires experience. It is a process that needs patiently to learn how the mother will support the baby while sucking, and in which position the baby can absorb the milk more comfortably. The mother should relax herself by taking deep breaths before each breastfeeding, and breastfeed the baby after relieving stress when she feels stressed.

The place where the mother sits while breastfeeding her baby should be both comfortable and an arm cuff that she can rest comfortably on her arm. The mother should take water or acid-free fruit juice as she will lose fluid while breastfeeding the baby. The mother should stand upright while breastfeeding and bring herself closer to the baby. In addition, the baby should not always breastfeed the same breast. This situation causes the mother to feel pain by obstructing her breast. When the baby stops sucking, the mother should never force her to suck. Because the baby can decide whether or not he is saturated. The mother should not give the baby the full weight of her breast filled with milk while breastfeeding the baby.

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