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First of all, people should trust each other, this is very important for society. So the logic of the kids is that everyone who you don't know fools you is wrong. It causes the child to be biased towards other people in the future. Therefore, we must protect children against strangers, but do not make prejudicial statements. Their awareness of strangers will increase well when they reach the age of 10. It is the duty of parents to protect children up to this age. Already at a young age to go away alone, accidents, dangers such as getting lost can bring to their heads. But it may be different in societies where the society, such as Europe, is individualized and dispersed, because the constructive behaviors of society, such as being involved in a non-destructive event, are very diminished. But because conservatism and Islamic morality are involved in our culture, intervening in the wrong has become a good behavior in our society. Although cultural corruption has increased in our country, many of our good citizens are extending their help when needed. Therefore, it would be wrong to judge our country with other countries on such issues. But as a precautionary advice to our children, what to do in a difficult situation is very accurate to say what to do. One of them is to teach your child to scream, memorize your own number and 911.

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