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How should the father treat the child so that his or her child's development is not negatively affected?
The behaviors of the parents are important for the child to be raised as a healthy individual. Paternity starts just like motherhood when the baby falls into the womb.
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Barış Önen Ünsalver stated that the love of the father nurtures the self-confidence in the child and explained the importance of the father in the care and upbringing of the child.
The serious and authoritarian father model, which does not show love, and the pampering father model negatively affect the development of the child.
In our society, the father enters the child's life after the birth of the baby and assumes the role of the mother. However, paternity begins as soon as it is learned to be a father.
It needs the mother to meet her compassion and basic needs, but
He also needs the father figure, the intermediary of his independence, the protector of his security, and the facilitator of his life.
The fact that the father is less at home than the mother may distract the relationship between the child and the father.
Culturally, the father establishes a long-distance relationship without having too much emotional relationship with the child.
If the father stays in the background, it causes self-confidence problems.
In the case of the father's inadequacy or lack of children;
Shy or
Having difficulty controlling his anger,
It can have an unlimited structure.
The child feels lovable when he sees affection behaviors from the father such as love, affection, kissing and sniffing.
For this reason, the father should show compassion to the child as well as the authoritarian father who sets the boundary and ensures the trust of the child.
The child can understand that his father, who has set rules for himself, is not evil, that he does so to protect himself and prepare himself for the outside world, and that he loves himself.
Some parents play “good cop-bad cop karşı against their children. That is, one side closes the child's mistakes and the other side becomes harsh and authoritarian to establish discipline. However, this is not true. The child chooses the side that comes to work. The demarcator may be aggressive and rebelling against the person exercising authority or may be withdrawn. He thinks he's unpopular. This affects the child's future life and relationships. The child who is constantly punished and disciplined is considered unapproved.
Sometimes parents behave differently in order not to apply the wrongs they see to their child. For example, if his own father is overly authoritarian, he will show extreme love to his child and give him unlimited tolerance. This is not true either.
How should the father treat his child?

It should not tolerate any fault of the child, should not solve every problem, and encourage the child to solve the problem.
The child should not do whatever he wants, but he should not be a hard and insensitive father.
He should not speak like a teacher and ask questions like an interrogator.
She must look into the eyes of her child, make physical contact with her, caress, kiss and make her feel loved.
He should ask about his child's fears and worries, but he should not be alarmed by the answers he encounters. He should not punish his fears and weaknesses, but he must help to solve them.
Family decisions should take the idea of ​​the child, the father should apologize if the child's fault should respect his decisions.
He should not hesitate to show his love to his wife so that the child can see himself as the fruit of the tree of love.

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