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Trying to recognize objects by touch is the most frequently used method for babies to overcome their alienation, to recognize their environment and to learn. The things they see most are the ones that they want to touch with their hands and want to take them to their mouths. His hands are constantly moving in the early stages of infancy. This is an indication that the feeling of touch is too much. We can accelerate our baby's learning and increase his intelligence and learning ability during these periods when this feeling is high. In this business toys can be used as both entertainment and educational.

It is a tremendous development for our baby to even discover for himself that it can be advanced more easily on the wheels of the car. Learning that an object passes through a square hole rather than a round hole will affect the level of intelligence and brain development at that age and will help to learn more difficult things later in life. Useful toys for all age groups are changing. For a 6-7 month old baby, there are soft teether or cymbal and similar toys that can be kept in his hand, colored balls that do not break when he falls for a child of 8-12 months old, and the animals that can go with push and pull when he starts to walk are beautiful toys to choose from.

We should not stack up toys in front of our baby, we should help and guide our baby to play in the toy we bought. The first and most important teacher of our child during his life is his parents and parents. We should play games with our child, drink tea that is not from his toy cup, and become ill in the doctor's game. Even if you are one of the most difficult tasks of parenting in family affairs, the time you spend with your baby and your child is as rare as your life. Happiness in the family as parents and children increases happiness and peace.

Games, toys affect the development of children's learning, as well as personality development, self-confidence and the development of willpower has many benefits. We need to buy toys for our puppies according to their age groups and play games with them. Let us not forget that something that is very easy and simple for us can be difficult and complicated for our baby and our child. Let them help in these development processes. They do not forget our future and our trust.

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