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It is a great feeling to have two children but there are some difficulties.
First you have to set the right time to have the second child, and then you have to deal with jealousy and brothers' jealousy and not being able to spend time with yourself.

Will you have the second baby immediately, or should you wait for a while?
You do not seem to be able to lift the material and spiritual burden of another baby; on the other hand, you want your child to have a brother, to grow up together and to resume your career as soon as you stop. So, what to do?

According to experts, children who grow less than two years apart often grow as friends. Even when they fight, thanks to their excellent impulses, they also move out together; because they trust each other as playmates.

Children under the age of 2 are less likely to be jealous of their new sibling; because in this age they cannot notice the change in the family. It is also much easier to entertain and restrain children at close ages.

Having two children in two years can be really good for your marriage. This requires intensive care and attention.

When you have only one child, the mother is often busy with her baby, while the father is often pulled aside; because he feels abandoned and his wife always has other things to do.

But when a new baby arrives, the father is suddenly drawn into the movement, and both parents feel that they are together.

Although having two children for a short time has such positive aspects, there are also aspects that will affect you financially and spiritually. Undoubtedly, having children in a row is very difficult and tiring physically.

Having two young children is difficult to tolerate from mental pain. This becomes even more difficult if you don't have friends or family sitting nearby. You can also double the cost of diapers and childcare really quite loaded.

Please note that; When the time comes you will pay twice as much education allowance at the same time. Because of all these increasing demands, mothers often feel the pressure to leave their jobs after having their second child. Being the mother of two babies quickly distracts the mother from success in business and greatly influences her career.

It is easy for children born between two and four years to have fun together and find new activities. A 3-year-old child can enjoy introducing his baby to his brother's toy, and a 2-year-old child and a 5-year-old child can build castles together.

At the same time, having a child a few years apart creates a breathing space for your relationship. With two babies under your feet, you won't be able to raise your problems.

You'll be a little more comfortable than couples with small babies, and you can spend more energy on both. Waiting for three years also gives you a chance to get your life together. You can get rid of the fatigue of your first baby and do exercises for your body.

Children who are close to each other enjoy watching the same film, but those who are two or four years old often find themselves in a race they don't really want.

Unlike the older child, the 3-year-old can have a hard time adapting to the new sibling. The first born child is used to being your playmate and may be disappointed when you can't play or play with him freely.

For those born more than five years apart, the older child takes on the role of carer and can make wise suggestions for the needs of the younger child. Your first child will be able to give guidance to your brother about school and relationships.

In all these years, you can buy a better and bigger house and relax with the needs of children. You can also pay school fees at more distant intervals. In addition, you are now more knowledgeable about child rearing than in previous years. Moreover, your partner may feel as a less nervous parent.

The most enjoyable is that you have seen how fast a child grows up and you will be able to enjoy it for the second time. But since your children will be in different developmental stages, it can be very tiring to meet the needs of both at the same time.

While you are trying to read a book to your older child, perhaps you can try to prevent your young child from trying to eat it. While you and your partner try to take care of the children separately, you can spend very little time together.

It may also be difficult to put yourself in the mood for old baby care after the freedom you have become accustomed to with your older child. It will be difficult to give up diapers and baby bottles, the habit of jumping the car without worry, long visits and nap times.

We have a couple of suggestions for jealousy between the brothers. The fact that a new baby joins the family for your young child puts the idea of ​​ilgi less interest in me onun in his mind. Less hugs, less smiles, less time, less attention. This creates a threatening situation for your small child.

Bringing a second child home is often difficult for children between the age of 18 months and 3 years. While your new baby doesn't know anything, your older child tries to get more room with you to get more attention from you.

In such cases, children's moods that are irritable, withdrawn, jealous, indecisive, or a mixture of all of them are very common.

Reacting to your child's negative behavior will make him think that these complex feelings are real. When you experience such situations, you need to help your child to express his / her emotions clearly and not to be harsh.

Over time, everyone gets used to changes in the family. Before bringing your newborn home, you should instill this idea into your child and reassure him.

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