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Preparation and arrival

Welcome to your new life! Here you will find the best pre-birth resources for the preparation and arrival of your new baby, links pregnancy calendars and journaling tools and lists of baby names and their meanings. Nine months of pregnancy seems to never end, yet new parents are often unprepared when the baby decides to arrive. Bath supplies are important to have ready, but many other things can make the experience smoother.

Items to have at home: Most new parents remember the diapers, but sometimes things slip through the cracks such as bath toiletries, water resistant ointments, infant acetaminophen and gas drops. Making sure your bathing situation is set up is crucial. There are many options in designing a baby friendly area in any house or apartment, for newborn instructions see

Baby's First Bath.

Have some washed clothes stocked. There is no need to wash everything because predicting the baby's size is not an exact science. You may have purchased or been given gifts that are too small and you'll want to be able to return them.

Pack overnight bag and install car seat. This will make the stay at and trip home from the hospital as seamless as possible. Pack digs for you and the new bundle of joy and don't forget last minute items like a toothbrush and any other freshening products that you desire before you take off. For more things to consider before the big day go to AssociatedContent, TheBabyCorner, or Parents.Com.

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