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It is one of the issues most new mothers think most about which breast milk and formula are better. In fact, breast milk is a proven fact that cannot be changed to anything. But not every mother's milk is the same. Some are forced to wean the baby at the age of 2, while others do not even have the chance to breastfeed up to 2 months.

Breast milk has a miraculous structure. It is not possible to confuse reason. However, in cases of insufficient breast milk, you may have to give your baby food. As a mother who raised her two babies with food, I say that food is not as harmful as it seems. Thanks to its components, it can fill the deficiency even if it is not a substitute for breast milk. Do not be afraid to give food because breast milk is given strictly forbidden by doctors before the age of 1. Do not give your infants up to 4 months apart from breast milk and food. Due to the anatomy of your baby does not have the structure to remove them. If you have milk, do not give any other nutrients to your baby until the 6th month.

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