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Kindergarten Practice Process

Initially it can be a bit difficult

The dream of every parent is to go to school to play bye. E is somehow the playground of children's favorite activities and entertainment. Why wouldn't he? If he doesn't, maybe his teacher or friends have taken a negative approach to it. No, no matter how much children like games, they prefer to do it in the familiar environment. As we all know, kids like routine. Performing certain behaviors in a certain order gives them confidence. In this sense, the house is an area where they are accustomed, where surprises are not experienced and can be controlled. But school is a whole new world, and like everything new, it's natural to create some anxiety. For this reason, keep in mind that no matter how social and comfortable your child is, it may be difficult to adapt to school and this is part of the natural adaptation process.

Start by keeping your school time short and gradually increase

Whether you enroll your child on a full-time, half-day or playgroup program, make sure that the first week of school stays within one or two hours if possible. Then, no matter how much the child loves the environment, it is useful to gradually increase the length of his / her time at school. This gradual start will contribute positively to his adaptation process and will allow him to stay in school voluntarily for longer periods.

Make you feel stable and in control of the process

We said that no matter how much children love the school environment, being alone there creates some concern. This feeling is very natural, but after a few days of school experience, the child may turn to parents more and not want to go to school. In this process, your determination and clear attitude will give your child strength in this new experience. Tell him clearly that school age is coming and he should go and try not to joust about it. Make sure that your separation is short when you leave your child. Do not force your child by extending the separation process.

If it is difficult to leave, get support from another adult

Some parents are more emotional about the separation process, which affects the child. If you are in this group, especially during the acclimatization process, let your child leave the school with another adult you trust. This person may be selected from grandparents or those with less emotional ties, such as uncles and uncles.

Avoid negative expressions or excessive cheer during the familiarization process

Even though children are busy with something else at the time, they pay attention to the talking of adults in the environment. In his presence, it will delay the acclimatization process ... ... because he is still not accustomed, not leaving you, crying when you leave the band. However, using extremely positive statements about your school while talking to your child will also make the child feel that there is something to worry about. Because children know that when adults tell something very adorned, something different happens than usual. And kids don't like things that are different than usual. If you approach the process of starting school as if it were a natural phenomenon, so will your child.

Keep in mind that concerns are contagious

Your child's first day at kindergarten is as difficult for you as it is for him. Your pup, which has always been in front of your eyes and under your control, will now expand its boundaries and step into a new world where your family is not with you. In this context, while you follow your child's acclimatization process, I suggest you to lean on your own emotions and review the feelings of leaving you to school. Although you think you're being cold-blooded from the outside, I wonder if my child there will do what you want to tell your teacher, or if someone hits my child, or if you can not defend my child's rights, this will make him feel insecure at school. If you trust the school and its teachers and believe that your child will be well cared for, your child will adapt to the institution and teachers in a shorter time.

Keep in mind; Children learn all emotions and thinking from adults around them. Your child's anxiety to be alone in the group can be a reflection of your anxiety to leave her alone.

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