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In the training program titled düzenlen Parent-Child-Media Relationship düzenlen organized by Bursa City Council Koza Working Group, how the mass media, internet can be used consciously and family and family relations were discussed. The training program organized in the offices of Bursa City Council was realized with intense participation.
Describing the various stages of the project, Altun said, il The first is on the relationship between media, family and children? The media has a serious impact on the family. We do not say turn off the internet and television at the seminar. We discuss how we can use the visual and print media usefully. From now on, we will work on family-child relationships, pre-marital education. Participants in our training trainings then share what they have learned here in their surroundings. Thus, we can reach a wider audience..

Kübra Kuruali, one of the employees of a children's channel, stated that the source reached the target with the media. Reminding that there is no longer broadcasting on single channels and radio, there are 254 television channels, 24 of which are national and 1092 radio stations, 36 of which are national, Kuruali said: If we include mobile phones and the Internet, we are under numerous occupations. Turkey and discussed how to avoid the pollution of the information given by the media people in the world now. We should realize that the television is no longer a device to turn on and off at night as we got up in the morning. We should not appoint babysitters for our children.

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