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Babies can swallow as much air as they can with their mothers while sucking their mothers. This normally produces gas in the baby. Infant swallowing is more common in infants receiving bottle food. If the gas produced by the swallowed air is not removed, it causes pain in the baby. If the mother is breastfeeding while feeding her baby, she should change her breast and if she is feeding with a bottle, she should take a break from time to time to remove her baby's gas. Otherwise, the baby's swallowed air will cause the baby to swell, giving a feeling of satiety and preventing the baby from taking the food it needs. In addition, the gas produced by the baby's swallowed air can cause the baby to vomit and cause the food to be taken out. After feeding the baby, the mother can determine whether there is gas or not by looking at the baby's condition. If the baby is peaceful, this is the biggest indication that the baby does not have gas after feeding. If the baby is restless, this is the biggest indication that the baby has gas. However, mothers should be patient while taking the baby's gas. The mother may release the baby's gas by grasping the baby's buttocks while leaning her head against the shoulder a few times and then patting her back. This process is repeated until you remove the baby gas. In addition, the mother can lay her baby on her knees and gently paw her back to degass the baby. The mother can expel the baby's gas after over three months by grasping her breast with one hand by placing her baby on her knees and patting her back with one hand.

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