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Three to four weeks old babies try to control what these two conditions are by trying to understand what sleep and waking is. Active and tense babies perform transitions between different states of consciousness quickly, while calm babies perform transitions between different states of consciousness more slowly. Therefore, mothers should not have any doubts about their babies. In addition, mothers have long-term sleep during this period because their sleep is irregular.

Two-month-old babies gradually get their sleep in order. Babies begin to keep their sleep longer after the second month and mothers start to feel more comfortable. During this period, the mother gradually tries to adjust the baby's night sleep pattern to the family's sleep pattern.
The sleep patterns of four month old babies are very problematic. A four-month-old baby should sleep eight hours a night without holes. Here, the mother should pay attention to the fact that the baby does not intervene whenever she cries or makes noise during sleep. This is because the baby prepares himself to sleep without crying or crying in sleep. If it is intervened, the baby makes it a habit to be picked up and sucked each time.
A seven-month-old baby should practice 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep as learned behavior. However, as the seven-month-old baby begins to learn to crawl, this new condition may cause him to wake up at night and may not be easy to fall asleep again. In such a case, mothers should definitely make them feel that they should sleep by not taking their babies out of bed.
Between nine and twelve months, the mother should definitely put the baby to sleep during the day and night and ensure that the baby sleeps spontaneously during these hours.

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