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The more members of societies are aware of their responsibilities, the more powerful and long-lasting they are. Every part of society has its own responsibilities. This starts from the very beginning of the state and extends to the smallest family. If everyone becomes aware of their duties and responsibilities and fulfills them, life becomes so easy and livable.
Responsible adulthood begins from responsible childhood. Awareness of responsibility is instilled in individuals from childhood. When children grow up with this awareness, they grow up and become healthy adults. Teaching and instilling responsibility to children can be through a good education.

What are the tips for instilling responsibility for children;
• To give them tasks that are simple and can handle. For example, it may be your child's duty to bring forks and spoons to the table when setting up the table. Or if he has a brother, it may be his duty to hold his brother's hand while walking on the road.
• You can reward him when he fulfills your responsibilities.
• You should be reminded of their responsibilities frequently, but this should not be irritating. It is more useful to say that you need to work for a doctor in the future, rather than having to teach a child constantly.
• Do not give responsibilities to be bored.
• No matter how simple your responsibility is, make it feel important.
• Do not offend him if he cannot fulfill your responsibility. Don't tell your child that you couldn't even take care of a brother, otherwise he might not want to take responsibility again.
• Allow the children to choose their own course of responsibility. Pave the way for him to fulfill his own problem.
• Help them to fulfill the responsibility you give your children, but don't make them feel it. Boy, you can enjoy doing something on your own.
• Have people other than you see and appreciate him when he fulfills his responsibilities.
• If he wants to take responsibility on a matter of his own, do not discourage him and give him responsibility.
• To mix the basic feelings between you and your children into responsibilities. Don't say I love you if you study.
• Be patient and trust the responsibility you give your child.

What responsibilities do you give your children?
• First of all, your children feel happy.
• They do their own work.
• Awareness of the task is created by performing the task that falls on them.
• Learn discipline.
• They learn that in order to have something, they have to work for it.
• Learn real life.
• Learn to respect others.
• They think and learn to think in order to fulfill their responsibilities and to find out more easily the next time.
• They know what to do when they face difficulties, they do not give up in the first difficulty they face in their lives.
• They express their feelings and thoughts without hesitation to others.
• They think that their families care about them and their bond with them is strengthened.
• Learn the concept of family.
• Learn how to act within the community.
• They become compatible and hard working.
• They are not selfish.

• They learn that life is not just a game and that everyone has goals and tasks in life.

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