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Pregnancy brings a number of changes to the life of expectant mothers. Both the mother and the baby's health needs to adapt to these changes. It is considered the golden rule of having a healthy pregnancy by approaching some of the ear-filled information with prejudice and applying the right thing. Memorial Antalya Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Sibel Kaya, gave information about the known mistakes in pregnancy.

Bebek If I eat a lot during pregnancy, the baby will be healthier ”
False. It is not important to eat much during pregnancy, it is important to eat a balanced diet. Feeding during pregnancy does not mean that the baby eats what I eat and feeds better. It should be fed less and more frequently during pregnancy. There should be 3 main meals and 3 snacks per day. It should be remembered that when excess weight is gained, problems such as pregnancy blood pressure, pregnancy sugar and large baby birth will occur.

Gıda All kinds of food can be consumed during pregnancy ”
False. There are some prohibited foods during pregnancy. Raw meatballs, especially those containing raw meat, should not be consumed. In addition; shellfish, mussels, sushi, kokoreç, salami, sausage, sausages and smoked meats should not be eaten. Pickles sold in jars should be avoided because they contain too much salt and there are additives. Junk food consumption should also be considered.

“Herbal teas are inconvenient during pregnancy”
False. Herbal teas can be drunk during pregnancy. Since there is a tendency to constipation, especially during pregnancy, herbal teas can consume 1-2 cups a day. Sage is thought to cause abortion, but there is no proven research on this issue.

Ton Tuna should not be eaten during pregnancy ”
False. Tuna can be consumed twice a week during pregnancy. Moreover, fish consumption during pregnancy is more important. It contains omega 3, but some fish that live deep in the sea are risky in pregnancy as they may contain heavy metals. It may have harmful effects on the central nervous system, especially in the first 3 months of the baby's developmental stage.

Spor No sports during pregnancy ”
False. Sports can be performed at all stages of pregnancy. Just doing some sports physically in recent weeks can be a nuisance. It is not recommended that mothers who have the threat of miscarriage, bleeding and spotting in the first 3 months do sports. The best sports that can be done during pregnancy; walking and swimming. Walking must be done 2 days a week. For swimming, the sea should be preferred instead of the pool.

Araba No car during pregnancy ”
False. Driving a car during pregnancy is not a problem. Maybe after the 37th week there might be trouble. Because depending on the growth of the baby may cause difficulties in the mother. However, in a controlled manner, the car can be driven provided that the seatbelt passes under the chest and under the hub.

Inca When the baby's hair comes out, there will be burning complaints in the stomach of the expectant mother ”
False. This is normal since there is reflux and gastric acid in every period of pregnancy and has nothing to do with the growth of the baby's hair. Nutrition should be regulated to prevent heartburn. Very spicy, sour foods and food close to bed should not be eaten. Asleep the pillow height should be raised. In cases of severe reflux, expectant mothers may also be given medicines that do not affect the baby's health in any way.

Orm Hormonal change occurs only in mothers aday
False. Although there is only a hormonal change in the mothers physically, this process affects the fathers. Pregnancy is a delicate process for women. Sudden changes in emotion may occur. Inevitably, this process of nutrition is reflected psychologically to the father. Generally, during pregnancy, the father candidates gain more weight than their spouses.

“Pregnancy causes distraction and low motivation”
False. Complaints such as distraction, weakness and fatigue due to hormonal change may be seen but it is a temporary process. Moreover, instead of sitting at home during pregnancy, continuing to work will make the mothers feel more dynamic. Pregnant women should never neglect their self-care.

Saç Hair dye and makeup cannot be done during pregnancy ”
False. It is important that expectant mothers go through the pregnancy so that they feel well. For this, they can blow up their hair, they can do their make-up provided they do not overdo it. Especially after the 4th month, they can dye their hair with organic dye. The dye should remain short on the hair and wash with plenty of water.

Diş Dental health cannot be interfered during pregnancy ”
False. Especially after the second half of pregnancy, any dental intervention can be performed.

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