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Doing housework with babies

I appreciate the mothers who take care of the daily chores of their house and also want to join them. My priority is to spend time with my daughter, which I think is what most mothers want. But there are things waiting for me, even if not as much as my daughter.
Since the first months of sleep were more, I would do things like food and laundry in one sleep, and I would sleep in the other.
I started working after my daughter was 7 months old. We started playing with toys. The furniture of our house increased with high chairs, walkers, walking carts and many toys. I wanted to find an assistant when the time we spent together decreased and things started to increase. So I've won back the half-day I've reserved for cleaning the weekend. When our sister took care of the general cleaning, only daily jobs remained.
One of us plays with Deniz, one of us gets things done or we do it after we go to sleep. But if I start doing business while I'm asleep, I don't have time, and the curious little wants to be where the job is, instead of playing with toys inside. I looked at my daughter, we can not do separate housework. Everyday things became slower but more fun. I'm going to finish this job as soon as I go to my daughter in a hurry, I got rid of the stress.

There was already a potential. He showed it when he wanted to throw his own diaper in the trash. He also liked to wipe his desk, coffee table tops and floors with a wet wipe I took to wipe his hand. I ignored her love of vileda so that there was no girl-housework match, I said let's not exaggerate, but the moment she saw it, she was running and trying to take over. It doesn't look like it, the boy who loves these wiping works, his grandmother took a little vileda, something very cute. Our hamarat is real or not with water control. If you don't have water inside, it's right in the big viledaya.

The dishwasher runs from the hall and takes my breath as soon as I hear a plate sound from our favorites. Now, before you empty the dishwasher, I always tell you, if he is sleeping, I am waiting so he can wake up. At first we were a little slow, but now we're very successful, and we're handling it without cracking or cracking.

Sometimes, while doing something in the kitchen, I sit on the floor in front of the sea, put something to cover and play with water, then there is no pleasure to say. Of course, I'm willing to get your head wet. But he's having a really nice time with him. I'm taking care of things.

Our hanging laundry is common. The tasks of the baby: Giving pegs, distributing pegs, collecting pegs, throwing laundry on the floor if time permits. Mother's tasks: Hang laundry, collect pegs.

Last night, I gathered toys in our joint business last night. When our sleep time approached, let's collect these toys and I started to put the dolls and teddy bears on the shelf. Then we started collecting the other toys in the box, really enthusiastic. When he put the box we collected, he wanted to empty the toys in the other box. Anyway, I prevented the spilling of a box toy in case they slept. Then we waved all our toys, turned off the light, went to the hall, laid our father, waved, turned off the lights in the house and then went to bed together. He wanted to get up again. The dogs were asleep at the sea, all the children in the park had gone home, I thought they were all asleep, and when he heard them, he was convinced to go to bed, he turned around a little, we hugged again, and the happy ending, dive to sleep. So I included the collection of toys in our sleep routine, I couldn't collect them to make noises after sleeping, when I needed to go to the room at night, it was difficult to protect the toys from the sleepers on the floor. I hope that we liked the layout very much.

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