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'' I have a 9-year-old nephew. parents who have given access to the Internet for at least 1 hour during the day. He is chatting with his friends on Facebook, just like every kid.
I wanted to sit next to you on the internet yesterday and see what you did. In my half a mind because a child can dress most dolls on facebook and play car racing or something. "avataria" on the screen he open a game, a lot of avatars walking there and there "who wants to be sew", "I have a party in my house come on my love" is walking summer to summer. Before you thought them "game" accounts independently acting in the game. then I looked at it a little more closely, and I realized that people communicate with each other in a very meaningful way. both what communication!

I told my nephew to tell me the game, that I could play if I like, and that I could help him with the life, moves or stuff he needed. our head is of course "farm - candycrash" games. He said, "here," you dress nicely. There are tasks you do them, then go to the club and find yourself a lover. "Just then an avatar came, said he wanted to marry him. God ours a panic, a happy! I said" Do you know? "" No, he said. we will meet."
I leaned back and looked at my nephew's face. she was enthusiastically busy typing on the keyboard. 9 years old! 9!
anyway vesselam, the other person, my nephew asks questions. where are you studying, how old are you, etc. ours is responding. Ours writes "9 years old" and the answer comes from: "So you are 9 years old. I am 11 years old"
I said a minute, if this person is 11 years old, I am not yet born!
I immediately removed my nephew from the beginning of the PC. I opened my own Facebook account, found the game and started playing. my avatar pretty lady lady dressed, I did a type of glasses. My nephew was thrown away: "Oh ya! That was a very ugly girl. Nobody will look at you!"
Anyway, efenim, after collecting a few trash in the game and finish their initial task, immediately went to the park to make a "friend" task came. we went to Park. I haven't been in two minutes since someone came to me. "slm" wrote. I said, "hi." He said, "Let's be friends." I said "okay." request accepted. He said, "Come on to me." As she went, I learned to follow her with the help of my niece. We entered a room decorated as the house. He said, "How old are you?" I said 9. "Okay, I'm 11, let's play." said. I said, "I don't know what to play. "Okay, I'il teach you." said. In the upper corner of the screen "*** wants to kiss you" opened a window. I agreed.
I write the following dialogues exactly:
*** - let's get our top off.
why me
*** - let's play like this
I - but I don't know.
***-OK. are you study
I yes
I - (I shook a school name)
*** - Okay, I'm reading. Have you never taken off your panties before?
I don `t get it
*** - you know what panties are, don't you?
I yes
***-OK. Now there 's something in it. how does she look
I-I do not anlamadım.bil
***- OK. are you alone at home
I have no mother
*** - Is it okay with you
*** - OK.
*** - from now on, just find me here, don't accept anyone else.
*** - I'm gonna give you gold. You also earn points. level up
***-do you have Facebook account
I have a mother
*** - OK, do you have a phone?
I will take my mom on my birthday
*** - Okay when your birthday
*** okay, if your mom doesn't, I'il buy you one.
*** - Yeah, but just talk to me and I need an address to send to you.
*** - okay let's play sex
How do I play?
*** - You take your panties off now .........
I'm not going to write the rest because the man you wrote in a very clear and understandable way you know quite a lot! Even though I said I was 9. Even though I wrote it in a simple escape language, even for a 9-year-old. the man who told us quite a lot of detail and clear!
my hand my foot is still shaking. I feel like I have been harassed and intimidated like a 9-year-old.
what are you doing to your brother!
what you do to your children!
How can you not be aware of, how you are not interested in what - how they use it?
How can I check?
how does not examine a game he entered, how "ready anyway I'm playing while I surf the Internet on my phone" say?
How you will not be aware of the danger!
God damn it, how? !!
No, it won't be obvious. but a hope, a mother or father "stop lan that child is playing a game called avataria. Let's see what kind of a game it is," he wonders, if you mind searching the Internet, this article fall in front of, that big head like a sledgehammer ins share here!
children, in fact, teachers, relatives, even in their own country, where 5 to 10 harassed by each, if anyone says nothing in the virtual under this article, in advance cash in trouble! ''
Everyone's danger

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