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After pregnancy, not every mother is required to diet, following some simple healthy eating rules and moving, walking, exercising, etc. easily gained weight during pregnancy will be given in a few months after birth, and the body, including the belly, the body will regain its former form.
However, overweight (obese) and pregnancy too much (20-30 pounds) of the dietitian and expert physician to lose weight with mothers of course is more accurate. Those who have both weight problems and diabetes or other health problems should also lose weight with the help of dietitians and experts and they should not try to lose weight on their own.

Some of the nutritional rules to be considered after pregnancy are:
- Avoid excessive fatty foods
- Avoid consuming fast food (hamburgers, pizza) etc.
- Eat plenty of vegetable dishes
- Eat fruit (not too extreme9)
- Drink plenty of water
- Eat less bread

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