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You've found a cheap diaper, so what number of packages should you get?

This weekend we went shopping with our two young children (Mira: 4.5 years old, Vera: 20 months old) and our aim was to buy cheap diapers. We did a lot of shopping at a really quite affordable price. During the shopping we had the opportunity to talk with the couple waiting for 2 babies. They came to the mall to buy cheap diapers. But they were confused, they took two to three from each number, they even took number 5 for their unborn babies. Yes, after your baby is born and grows a little 4-5 numbers will also use, but for the expectation of the baby is not necessary in the first stage, approximately 6 months-1 year later will use. Families can use their small spaces at home more accurately by shopping correctly. Already as a result of these conversations I decided to write. They didn't know how long the babies were going to consume. Normal ... of course they know how ..
I didn't have it until my angels were born. I thought life would pass with a pack of diapers.
The only thing I can think of today .. If I write down the needs of families expecting a baby .. they could make more accurate shopping, they could use their money more accurately.
In addition, the baby will be born in the shopping to be done for shopping, share diapers to get the gift of falling dear friends looking at this list can do a proper shopping ..
From the moment of birth, how many packs of diapers in turn, if you need to write the number;
Newborn babies are fed at least 8 times a day, what does this mean, at least 8 diapers will be contaminated, if you look like this, the full 5 days will be consumed in the newborn package number 1 (I do not remember how many pieces in the package, but the first week when we come home with our baby, a package 7 I was very surprised that it ended in 5 days, not days. Considering that the newborn's poop will be liquid, you should evaluate the different product types with the diaper brand.
So how long does your baby use number 1 diaper?
Considering that a healthy baby born around 3 kilos is taking 700-800 grams in a month, I recommend you to take 3-4 packs at most for the purpose of stocking the number 1 diaper. Because in the months when your baby grows faster, the diaper number will change rapidly.
If your newborn baby was born 4 pounds or more, you should continue with number 2. You can get up to 5 packages from number 2.
You should get a maximum of 8 packs from number 3 because your angel can go to diaper number 4 even after month 4. Baby boys will move to number four faster. I'm guessing that you're going to use the longest 4 numbers and 4 + of the cloth numbers.
Now, take as many of the 4 and 5 diapers as you want, but remember that when you occupy your home with these diaper stocks, the order in your house will be broken for years because of this and similar materials, and you will have a new order with lots of indestructible materials on the left and right. For example, as you prepare for a 2-day trip with your baby, you will experience step by step how insufficient your car's luggage is. On the journey you will enter the transport business to your baby's bed.
In the meantime, this discount goes on until December 18, 2013, if you want to ask where to get these cheap diapers, I can send you the name of the hypermarket by email. We do not like to mention brands on the site,
Finally, when a baby's toilet training is completed, the total cost of this work will amount to $ 2,000, so use all the affordable deals.
In the meantime, I'm also looking at diaper prices while visiting the market, if you want to receive instant email about where to buy the cheapest diaper, please send me your email address. For example, last weekend there was a very serious discount in a big store and I immediately told a few friends about the market discount.
An armful of love from his mother's Angel,

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