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Since growth and development in the womb are the foundation of a healthy life, it is necessary to address this issue in order to provide mothers with small information and to allow them to follow their babies.
The fastest stage of growth is the fetus stage. In this period, the production of new cells and the increase of cells is very high.

We can examine the development of the baby in three stages;
1. Implantation stage (first two weeks in the womb): the egg from the mother's ovary and fertilized with sperm in the fallopian tubes adheres to the uterus (uterine wall). It is fed with liquid and nutrients in the wall. Meanwhile, the placenta begins to form.
2. Differentiation Phase (Between 2 and 8 Weeks): In the third week, the nutrients begin to be stored in the intrauterine cells. The baby grows from these cells and meets its needs. At week 8, major structural changes are seen in the embryo and the cells become special. For example; liver cells are separate, heart cells are separate. False medications used by the mother affect the baby during this period and cause hereditary problems.
3. Growth Phase (Week 9 - Month 9): The baby is now called üs Fetus.. It is fully human. Growth accelerated. The baby is fed with placenta.
In the last weeks, the fetus moves and settles downward towards the birth canal. With the birth, the baby's adventure in the womb will be over.

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