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Baby bath: A complete instruction guide

The concept of this website is bathing a new baby, and many more of the things that come with new parenthood. This concept is seemingly inherent to new parents, indicated by the lack of conversation about the subject. It is seemingly a common perception, that parents should not have to ask, so this site is designed to be a comprehensive instruction manual, beginning with the basics of bathing. The industry targeting new families has exploded with a plethora of tubs, infant oils, soaps, lotions and shampoos, and in turn bombards new and seasoned parents with this slough of these unknown products. When the idea for this site was hatched, the concept seemed simple enough, though it was quickly realized that this conversation was growing as quickly as they do

Though the basics of bathing an infant or toddler are relatively simple, mistakes can span the spectrum from simple skin irritations to jeopardizing the safety and well being of the child. Mothers and fathers around the globe undertake this process daily and each in a different way. Some bathing techniques are cutting edge and other have been around for centuries; this site explores both thoroughly and remits the information directly to you in simple, but comprehensive terms.

An important factor in providing accurate and up to date information is you. This site will link you the world of parents and caretakers like you and will provide an open forum in regards to the best bathing processes, products and more. Together we can break the aforementioned stereotype, that parents should just know all the details of having a new baby, and instead provide and promote the safest and most accurate information on bathing baby and other parents' concerns and questions. The best advice comes from experience and a growing social network of parents which can provide information from fool-proof remedies, tips and to emotional support. Bathing itself can often be the easy part, though medical issues can result afterwards, as a reaction to products or improper sanitation.

In addition this site explores the details of preparing for baby, links you to the best promotional products and features the latest innovations in the bathing process. This simple concept has blossomed into a ever growing comprehensive instruction guide for parents worldwide.

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