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Spiritual Life Specialist Gülden Üner, reminding us that we are not parents before the child comes into the world, “You can become a parent when you allow your child to teach you. Because you didn't know what parenthood was before it existed. De

We think that children have come to this world to learn and even to learn what the parents teach… However, he is already a child. We, as parents, read dozens or even hundreds of articles about how the child should be raised, as well as polluting our minds with many bad memories… And we look at our child who is born without realizing that we cannot purify our eyes and mind. Yaşam You can become a parent when you let your child teach you, because you didn't know what parenthood was before you existed, Gül recalls Spiritual Life Specialist Gülden Üner, noting that we were not parents before the child came into the world.

For family unity, please accept child guide

Gülden Üner, who gives information about the mother-child relationship and its impact on the development of the child, says that birlik parents cannot be born ”and touches on the awareness of unity between parents and children. In order to establish a secure connection between mother and child, Üner emphasizes that it is important for the mother to be with the baby until the period when the rational, logical thinking processes begin and the cortex starts to develop, and that it is important not to stay away from her physically and spiritually. He cannot think that he is separated from his mother, he sees himself as a whole with his mother. Therefore, it is important for the mother to feel beside her whenever she needs it in terms of spiritual bond and balance. The mother's being separated from her baby in this process distorts the unity consciousness of the baby. This situation also develops in cesarean deliveries ”. Pointing out that the disrupted awareness of the unity affects the father deeply, Gülden Üner said, yerine Instead of polluting the child's mind with social codes, let your child's parent teach you. At the same time, accept yourself to be a parent. To ensure your family unity, accept his guidance. ”

‘First we must find our femininity’

Kadın If a woman can succeed in life with her true femininity in her essence, then the girls or boys she grows become much healthier individuals kullanan, says Gülden Üner. it becomes more masculine, a little further away from its essence, pulling an artificial cover over its femininity. However, neither her own satisfied nor the man in her life, nor her child… Tanrı Goddess retreats, which we have prepared with the idea that se if women turn, everything turns, or enables the woman who has been transformed into something she does not exist and forgot her femininity to exist in the modern world and return to factory settings. ”

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